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    Lead Generation

    We collect, verify and validate the market place data into quality leads

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    Seller Onboarding

    We have unlocked the challenges on Seller onboarding & cataloguing

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    Digital Marketing

    Position your website intelligently using SEO,ASO,SMM & Branding. That's where we, come in

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    We cater to individual aspirations as well as enterprise needs.

We Best In

Lead Generation

Markets across the globe are moving in the direction of locally sustainable e-tailing, where with sufficient density of local merchants, a reasonable volume of e-tailing transactions are fulfilled locally. This will especially be of help in bringing down unit shipping costs, allowing for even faster deliveries and facilitating an easier return/exchange. This model works imminently for products where local availability of merchandise is high (for example, food and groceries, home goods, books), and the logistics cost form a relatively high proportion of net value (for example, appliances & furniture ) generated. Giant players in the market like Amazon are moving ahead with their ‘Kirana Now ‘service, which aims to deliver groceries locally within 2-4 hours via tie-ups with local stores. Eventually we will see a hybrid model in e-tailing evolving with times.

Our team works in data collection, verification and validation of the local market place data to generate sufficient density of leads for the market place. The data collected from the local market place enables a major e-tailing service provider to step in and engage with the local merchants into creating a local delivery model. This eventually creates a complete circle of activity for us, reflecting our core vision of deepening connections through technology.

Seller Onboarding

E-Commerce portals around the globe, are encouraging sellers to sell their products online by using their platforms. It is like mutual gain for both sellers and portal.

While this may seem like making ice, there are a lot of challenges that portals face in the seller's lifecycle - the biggest challenge being onboarding a seller with ease. Companies are pouring in a lot of time, effort and money to simplify the process. But verbose articles, lengthy videos, and the likes are not solving the issue.

We have unlocked the challenges on Seller onboarding & cataloguing.

How can we help?JCIS can help the prospective Sellers with on-call or on-field assistance. Our proven Seller onboarding strategy and experienced team will allow to onboard them seamlessly.

Our seller onboarding team guides every seller on how to get their business online through the channels that they prefer. These in-depth training sessions cover aspects on onboarding processes, packaging, cataloguing, return policies and serviceability and commission structure for sellers.

Digital Marketing

To ensure effective presence on internet, Social Media plays a vital role. JCIS manages your social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn etc... to make sure you are connected to your customers. while we manage your social media accounts, we care for your reputation, business growth and most importantly make sure your content reaches to the targeted audience. Our solutions rapidly improve your fan following which directly increases your organization's growth.

Your business's presence must speak exceptionally well in the digital marketing stratosphere – it must show that your customers are constantly updated through RSS feeds, Facebook updates, Twitter feed, LinkedIN network and the like. Your exquisite online platform ensures the longevity of your business.

But how can you achieve this? Simply by setting up channels and sitting back? If your answer is no, you're going in the right direction. An integrated marketing approach that combines Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization is our solution. Are you ready to launch your business into the digital revolution?

We help you achieve in:

  • Result oriented 360 Degree Strategic Digital Marketing approach.
  • Optimized advertisements across different online platforms.
  • Creative positioning of the brand to stand out in the crowd.
  • Visibility in the Digital Media Industry through exceptional campaigns.
  • Campaign solutions customized for brands catering different platforms.
  • We ensure creative proximity with every flow of communication across the web.
  • Visibility and credibility for your brand across all the channels.
  • We value your investment’s return.
  • Instant boost in business leads/sales.
  • Web & App Development

    We build innovative apps and games for mobile devices compatible with Android, iOS, iPad and windows mobiles because we believe in the building incredible app experiences, on par with latest in technology. We cater to individual aspirations as well as enterprise needs. Our excitement is in delivering that crackling solution customised to your unique requirement.

    Our in-house team has been on the task of developing in-house mobile apps on cutting edge technology integrating the social and local needs of the community . We believe in sharing our deep knowledge of frameworks and mobile technologies to create and run mobile and desktop apps that deliver productivity!

    In the past our team delivered mobile apps for Android, iOS, Windows8, BlackBerry phones and iPads also desktop applications for Windows 8 and Mac for offline search. We have also delivered websites for online search. There are consumer and business version to the product. As as business you can also advertise through our apps!