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What We Do


JuztBuy Shopping is our new diamond in our crown, will be officially launched soon as we are polishing it to glow brighter! Website is live with 15 lakhs+ products. Mobile Apps are available at Goolge Play Store and iOS App Store (soon).

Discover the latest offers on over thousands products on JuztBuy free online shopping app. JuztBuy is India's one of the largest online marketplace, giving you access to not just what you need, but to all that you desire.

→ Online Shopping App with the Latest Products & Brands
→ Free Shopping App for Electronics and Gadgets Online
→ Discover and Search on JuztBuy Online Shopping App
→ Get the Best Price on Your Dream Item on JuztBuy App

Seller Acquisitions
"Now that you have built your product, tried and tested it and are ready to put that dent in the universe, how to generate that buzz and get the right partners on board? We help you make the right Handshakes and get your venture roaring."
→ Seller Registrations
→ Seller Onboarding & Activation
→ Product Cataloguing
→ Training Seller on Order Management & Pricing


"You want only qualified and thoroughly screened Sellers to get registered with your e-commerce portal. After all, their collective ability to serve is your ability to serve the end customer. We help you with this process of Seller due diligence and all the documentation and statutory work that’s associated with it. This ensures that only verified Sellers are working with you who can live up to your standards of delivering a great online shopping experience."

"Reach out to Sellers"
→ Creating awareness over tele-calling the Seller
→ Deploying dedicated Feet-on-Street (FOS) Executives
→ Driving registrations through door-to-door sign-up campaign
→ Digital Marketing or Tele-calling led portal or app awareness drive


"Our seller onboarding team guides every seller on how to get their business online through the channels that they prefer. These in-depth training sessions cover aspects on onboarding processes, packaging, cataloguing, return policies and serviceability and commission structure for sellers."