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We, Just Call Infoservice (JCIS) is an Indian company providing offline search engine for buisiness information services, over the Phone, Web, Mobile and SMS. We have created Mobile Applications for Android, iPhone, Wndows8, BlackBerry phones and ipads also Desktop Applications for Windows 8 & MAC for offline search. And Websites for Online search.

These Mobile Applications provides a simple, interactive and extremely fast way of searching businesses, products or services. So you can carry The Top search engine right now from your smart phone. From this you can find out which movies are happening around you, the best restaurants in your city, the latest art shows, Hospitals, Hotels, Electronic Shops and much more from our list of popular search categories. Our Websites serves as vertical directories. There are consumer oriented and business oriented varieties.

You can also advertise your company through our Products

These apps are available for the following mobile Operating Systems/Platforms: Android, Blackberry, Wndows Phone, IPhone. This is the golden opportunity for your business prospects to boom with the click of a phone button! In this age of information, everyone needs information and they need it at their fingertips. And yes, now that's just one click away from your mobile!!!

JCIS has a vision to benefit the common man by leveraging

technology the best