Just Call Infoservice

About our company

We, Just Call Infoservice(JCIS) started as a Tele-Info services company in India in the year 2009,wherein we provided a business enquiry call centre to help the consumers reach businesses with ease. As times changed, we started hunting for an alternative to the Yellow Pages Directory which comes as a bulky book and the telephonic call centre which took more time and effort for the end users to narrow down on a business enquiry. We have realized our dream by developing innovative product, "The first Offline Mobile Business Directory". These are a kind offline mobile application that is compatible with lower end Android mobile handsets as well as the high end devices such as iPhones, Blackberry, Windows8 etc. The greatest highlight of this app is that it functions without Internet connectivity, be it GPRS, 3G or even Wi-Fi. Even when the mobile handset doesn't have a network connection, this app functions smoothly on your mobile handset. It enables people to carry a yellow page on their phone free of cost.

Globally the mobile app industry is expected to be valued at $17bn by the end of this year.The mobile application industry in India alone is predicted to top $4bn by the year 2015, according to figures from Asia Pacific Research Group (APRG).The value of the Indian value-added services industry, which includes mobile apps, was estimated at $3.4bn in 2011, according to Deloitte. India has been the hottest hub of mobile app development as well. Figures from IMRB suggest that one in three of the country's urban internet users have accessed a mobile phone application. This leaves the market widely open for Indian developers to come out with innovative, user friendly appsthat help them in their day to day life. Our app is a step in this direction.

There are more than 121 million people online in the country according to IMRB, still a relatively small proportion of the country's 1.2billion population. But the country has more than 858 million mobile subscribers, and the number is rising fast. Mobile Apps are going to be a sought after service even for those who do not have access to an internet connection otherwise. Our mobile app has been developed keeping in mind the typical customer's requirements. It provides end users more options than any traditional online or printed directory. It guarantees better accessibility, ease of use and offers hundreds of categories and thousands of listings as a one-time download. The app has been designed to assist the customer in saving time and money and brings informationat one's finger tips without any hassle.